Party Rush: App #2

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We just submitted Party Rush to the app store for review, and it’s the first addition to the Block Party arcade suite! Its home on the web is at We’re starting with something simple: one mode of gameplay, all solid symbols. The possibilities of where we go from here are endless. Symbols could be erased and drop down or reshuffle, the player could swipe between same shading, color, or shape (changing up the board), or we could add special symbols a la gem-smashing games. Of course, we can also take the board and make the interface one of switching adjacent symbols for that type of play as well.

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Check out the video below for a demo of the gameplay, which is something like a symbolic variant on Boggle.

Our description on the app store:
Party Rush is a game about making parties! Enjoy this arcade puzzler which will stretch your mind and test your wits in a fast-paced high-score environment. Connect the symbols so that any three in a row are all the same or all different for both color and shape independently. Do the same for four in a row to make a party for bonus points!

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