Monthly Archives: September 2013

Cardboard boxes arrived

What can you do with $20? Make 25 sets of block party! 2 inch cardboard boxes
The catch? The blocks are two inch cardboard boxes that have INSIDES! What does that mean? A whole new set of games of course. With 32 miniblocks you can place 4 in each box and each time you get a block with one of the opening flaps on the top you get to take one of the miniblocks. Make a block out of the minis you collect to win the round! Check the top inside of each box for challenges or fun facts about the combinatorics of block party. Put bells inside for a musical effect every time you reroll. Block party boxes are the DIY kits and we’re just getting started.

Block Party: Snapshot so far

This blog started a couple weeks after the inception of Block Party. To read about the first few weeks, check out 

The short version: Block Party is a game for everyone which is going to be produced at prices anyone can afford. We’re deeply committed to making inclusive games which are fun for as many people in as many age ranges as possible. Block Party is our first, and despite having a simple surface it has endlessly deep variations which allow for continued fun no matter how good you get!