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BP Arcade: On Our Way

heart star glyphsHey there! We’ve been too busy to post in a while (I’ve been working on nanowrimo, Benjamin is making a tiny home by reformatting an airstream) but we’re back at it again. We’ve made new glyphs, the one on the right we’ve dubbed heartstar, made a bunch more blocks, published several videos, and now we’re starting on Block Party Arcade.

What does this mean? Hopefully it means that we’ll be on the app store¬†within a month. Wouldn’t that be neat? More realistically, we’ll submit within a month and be on not too long after that (approval takes a while). It does not mean, however, that we’ll have any games on the web (why? because it’s going to be way better in your hand). So all of those with smartphones, yeah, you, get excited. But I have an android, you say. We’ve got you covered too. Let me describe why.

To develop the games we’re using Corona, which is a cross-platform (ios, android) game development environment in Lua. If you’re an indie developer who wants to make a cross-platform mobile game, this is really the way to do it from what I can tell (unless you want full 3D, which we don’t need–yet). [For anyone reading this who wants to get into game dev, I’d like to help you bring great games into the world. Drop me a line (g at 3pxh) and I can tell you a bit more about our journey with Corona, what we’ve learned, and even give you some sample codebases to start with!]

Long story short? We’ve found a development environment which is allowing us to create things very quickly, for ios and android, and you can expect to see our games live on the app stores in the next couple months.

Want to get the Beta? Drop me a line (g at 3pxh) and you might be able to start playing within the week.