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Games of the Day

I found these two on the Indie Game Enthusiast iOS spotlight section, and how they deserve to be there! If there were a theme here I’d say… games strongly featuring circles! Or, you know, pure mechanics games with simple geometry for visuals, well designed sounds, and properly implemented touch controls. I played them both and they’re great!

Here’s a trailer for Blek, a delightful puzzle game with a unique mechanic

And here’s one for Duet

Games to play #2

So today I discovered and I’m just so pleased with the density of great looking things on it! Here are a few games for the day:

  • Particulars, this looks like a game that wouldn’t be possible if Osmos hadn’t come out some years ago, and I’m excited to see what it has to offer. Steam only at the moment.
  • Lyne, it’s got a cohesive and well-executed aesthetic and builds off of traditional connection-style puzzles with some more complications. Looks delightful! (And it’s on iOS, and I’m about to start playing.)
  • Snake blocks, for those of you who want to take connection puzzles up a dimension into 3D

And an honorable mention to the free Tiny World: The Musical: The Game for being a well executed cute concept piece and to 0rbitalis (it needs a trailer dammit!), mostly for the fact it’s priced at 3.14.

That’s all for now! Also, if you’ve played any of the above and want to share your experience, please, help yourself to the comment box below 🙂

Games to Play #1

First off: these are all free!

The best part about following tons of indie game devs is that they post games. Lots of them. Here are some from the past couple days that I’ve enjoyed, mostly sokoban-style puzzlers. They’re all online and free to play, but be warned they can get pretty tricky very quickly.

  • Impasse: a puzzler that takes place on a flattened cylinder
  • Sokobond: a sokoban-style flat molecule connecting game
  • Palette: another sokoban-type game, featuring color physics
  • Chesskoban: yet another sokoban, but with chess pieces