Game Twik Tuesday

The category for today is: Limited Perception! That means the information you get from the game are going to be more limited than you’d experience in real life. Imagine being an ant, imagine being blind. We have a couple games ideas for you.

  • Zombie Ant (orĀ Ophiocordyceps unilateralis): you control an ant moving around, visualizing the trails of your comrades and enemies as a wavy colorscape immediately in front of you. Avoiding predators and picking up sugar to fuel your journey, you pilot your ant ever higher into the canopy before releasing your spores to infect the next host.
  • Pedestrian Yield: you open the game to hear cars zooming by on either side. An image comes up on the black screen demonstrating that you hold down to move forward. You wait until it sounds clear. You start walking, footsteps fall. You keep walking. The sound of a car comes faster from one side. Is it in front of you, or in your lane? Screeching tires and a thud ring in your ears before the game pauses and resets. Get to the other side and you will learn about how you got here, why you can’t see, and why, of all things, you must cross this busy road to find out more.
  • The Deep: you are deep underwater. Everything is dark, foggy patches of unfocused shades of gray. Water noises surround you with the occasional calls of creatures you can’t name. After a while you will start gasping for air, which you’ll find along your travels in tiny bright patches, but never enough for you to feel comfortable. Avoiding the more dangerous shadows lurking on your sides you must press onward for more oxygen, wondering always when it will end. It won’t.

That’s all for today!

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