Harder than expected. Completed


At least 4 times I wasn’t going to finish my work tonight. “Make 4 sets, document them, and blog about it with next steps.”
“It looks shitty.”
“the process is fucked, I need to start over with a better process”.
“I’m tired.”
“What about tomorrow. I’ll wake up early tomorrow, jog over here, and knock ’em down!”
Ok, so at least 5 times. It happened less when the music was on, and good.
I even put all the things away once. Then I was like: hell no. You need to train yourself to finish. Even when you don’t want to.

Especially when you don’t want to.

This framing made the tomorrow option infeasable.
It clarified the job: complete the production at some quality. It was not: solve the production process from seed to game table


I’m quite curious to see how playing classic with these blocks is. There is a lot more noise and the pix have a lot more personality. I wish that the symbols were on straighter and closer to the edge.

Challenges:  Switching color paint with each symbol. No running water. Searching for pix (reduced by placing stamps on the pix map). The paint got tackier and tackier as the night wore on. This was a major contributor to the added time and the in-my-opinion lower quality stamping.

Next steps: Make instructions. Sell them at the farmers market. Make a stamp + pad and make more.

The end

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